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"Bottom's" Up To Posture

Monday, November 26, 2012

One of the most important aspects of health and wellness that is often neglected by the average person is posture. Some often realize that they have poor posture or that their posture is worsening but seldom do they do anything to address it. Moreover, those aware of their posture and choose to maintain it or improve it may not even know where to start.

Poor or compromised posture may be a symptom of more than just one imbalance. Consequently, back pain, discomfort or stiffness may eventuate from such compromised or poor posture. One way to address posture improvement and maintenance, as well as lower back health, is exercising the gluteus muscles, better known as the butt muscles. Interestingly enough, as humans, our developed gluteus muscles (butt muscles) are what differentiates us from quadrupeds (four legged animals) in our ability to stand upright and walk on 2 legs.

Strong gluteus muscles protect the lower back, significantly reduce the risk of many injuries associated with aging, and allow us the ability to stand upright and much more. It only makes sense then that strengthening and developing the gluteus muscles becomes a crucial preventative and remedial measure for being healthy and well. In addition, good posture also translates into a more aesthetically desirable look.

There are many exercises that one can do to strengthen the gluteus muscles and improve posture, and by no means are they a mystery. However, knowing which exercises are the best suited for your body type and your particular muscular imbalances is key and are of utmost importance. In addition, the proper execution of these exercises is just as crucial to ensure proper development of the muscle, proportionality, preventing injury and worsening or adding to the problem. Furthermore, the exercises need to be tailored to compliment your desired state, whether it be strengthening, building or even aesthetics, and that is best achieved in phases rather than a one size fits all magazine photograph or video demonstration.

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